Join The Book Fairies in our mission of providing free books to people in need across Long Island and New York City.  Please fill out the form below and let us know which volunteer position you are interested in.  Thank you!

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Volunteer Positions

Book Sorter: Help sort books for children and adults in need across Long Island and metropolitan New York. We check the condition of every book and sort the books into the following categories: baby/preschool, K-2nd grade, 3rd-5th grade, middle school, high school, and adult. We provide a brief 15 minute training session when you first come to the warehouse. All ages are welcome (under 13 yrs. old require an adult present)!  Drop in hours: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays from 10am-3pm.  Saturday morning sorting every 4-6 weeks.

Photographer: Take high quality pictures of our events using your camera. Events are the second Sunday of the month at the Freeport warehouse and occasional other dates throughout the year. Attend one event or many, we are flexible to your time and schedule.

Book Donation Volunteer: The Book Donation Volunteer will assist in setting up book drives in schools and corporations across Long Island. The volunteer will inform the schools and organizations about our charity and encourage them to run a one week used book drive. Once the drive is set up, the volunteer will reach out to confirm the start and end of drive and send a thank you letter at the conclusion of the drive. Average hours per week: 2 hours

Grant Writer Volunteer: The Grant Writer will write grants or LOI’s to help fund The Book Fairy’s programs. We need a volunteer who has experience writing and securing grants who can use our text and modify it for each grant application. Write one grant or help with many. We are flexible! This opportunity can be handled from home.

Community Outreach Volunteer: The Community Outreach Volunteer will help reach out to programs across Long Island and metropolitan New York who could benefit from The Book Fairies. This involves calling organizations and establishing a relationship with both schools and community programs who need books. This can be done from home. Average hours per week: 2 hours

Social Media Volunteer: The Social Media Volunteer will help update Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. in order to build and sustain online support. We currently have a social media intern. If you are well versed in social media, this position can set up weekly activities for the intern to complete. Average hours per week: 1-3 hours.

Public Relations Volunteer: The Public Relations Coordinator will help increase exposure of The Book Fairies through press releases of our various activities, media campaigns, establish a core messaging that is consistent in all aspects of communications. Handle inquiries about our charity. This opportunity can be handled from home. Average hours per week: 2-5 hours.

Graphic Designer Volunteer: The Graphic Designer will handle any design projects for The Book Fairies. This includes designing our t-shirt, stickers, brochure, business card, media ads, flyers, and any promotional materials for events. This opportunity can be handled from home. Average hours per week: 1-5 hours.

Special Events Coordinator: The Special Events Coordinator will help create and plan special events and fundraising opportunities for The Book Fairies. We will supply the volunteers to run the scheduled events. This opportunity can be handled from home, but you must be located within driving distance to Freeport, NY. Average hours per week: 2-5 hours depending on the event.