Getting Started
for Volunteers

Thank you for volunteering for The Book Fairies. Our volunteers manage their activity with us through an online portal. The portal allows you to find volunteer opportunities on a calendar, sign up, and manage your scheduled activities.

You received a personalized link to the portal in the email you received after signing up with us online. You need to use this link to get access to your information. We recommend that you bookmark it or save it in your password manager application.

If you don’t have the link, you can retrieve it by visiting this page on The Book Fairies website:

Volunteer Portal

Enter your name and email address as you entered it when you signed up in this form:

You will receive an email with the link to your portal. If you do not receive this email from us, you may have entered a different email address than the email we have on file for you, or possibly the email is in your spam folder. If you are unable to retrieve your portal link, please contact the office.

Your portal will look something like this:

These are the three main functions you will use:

  1. Job Calendar. Use the job calendar to find volunteer opportunities. Click/Tap on any job listed in the calendar to sign up. You will receive an email with the details about the activity. This indicates that you are confirmed for the activity.
  2. Scheduled Volunteer Shifts. This section shows any activities for which you have already signed up. You can view the details of the activity, or, if you need to remove yourself from the activity, choose the cancel option.
  3. Update your contact information. It’s important that we have current contact information for you, so please use this link to update your email and phone numbers as necessary.

For additional help, please email us at