The Book Fairies supplies, maintains and refreshes books for shelves in various sites in underserved communities to improve access to books and encourage reading through varied and high-interest selections:

The Book Fairies supports public bookshelves in a wide variety of locations around Long Island:  health centers, public parks, LIRR stations, grocery stores and more.  If you have a site in a high needs area that could benefit from a continuously supplied bookshelf, reach out to info@thebookfairies.org
The Book Fairies provides books for shelves within organizations that serve high-need populations such as homeless shelters, soup kitchens, women’s shelters, community centers, family serving organizations and more.  If you are interested in more information on how to get books from us for your non-profit organization, please email us at info@thebookfairies.org.
The Book Fairies collects soft cover (paperback) novels, biographies and spiritual books for donations to incarcerated persons. For more information on this program, email Sherry@thebookfairies.org.
The Book Fairies receives numerous faith based books for all age levels. If you are a house of worship, a religious school or another community organization that could use these books, reach out to info@thebookfairies.org.
The Book Fairies collects new and gently used interactive books: puzzle books, coloring books, workbooks and more.  These books go to support pediatric hospital and doctors’ offices, before and after school programs and any other high need organization that can put the books to good use.  If you would like a donation of activity books, please reach out to info@thebookfairies.org.

Interested in sponsoring our crucial community literacy programming?  Please contact Eileen Minogue at 516-557-6645 or eileen@thebookfairies.org