Book Fairies Bring Reading to Underprivileged Kids

Amy Zaslansky, founder of The Book Fairies, is looking to put books into the hands of every child.

“I’ve always been looking for a project to become involved in,” Zaslansky said. “I noticed ‘Make a Difference Day’ in the newspaper one day, and there was a little girl across the country who had collected books a school that didn’t have a library. I thought, that’s perfect. I have three young kids who are constantly going through books, and my friends had tons of books, and no one knows where to give the books to.”

To date, The Book Fairies has collected just under 10,000 books in barely half a year, but for Zaslansky, spreading the gift or reading to children desperately craving it is worth all the hard work.

“People are starting to rally behind it,” Zaslansky said. “It’s really exciting and thrilling for me…I love books, and I’m trying to instill a love of books in my children, and there are so many kids on Long Island that don’t even have any books in their home. If I can get books into their hands, that’s a fulfilling feeling.”

Press source: Bellmore Patch